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We provide public education about entry to the legal profession and do consumer advocacy. See our Theory of Action.

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Attending law school is a life-changing decision. LSTScoreReports.com provides you the space to consider and answer important questions.

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LST Radio: I Am The Law

Our podcast about law jobs is available at LSTRadio.com. Our hosts do an informational interview with a different lawyer every episode, revealing what the practice of law is really like.

  • Episode 14: Criminal Defense (VT): Pleas, Fees, and Justice [Small Firm]
  • Episode 13: Suing Debt Collectors (MN): Consumer Protection Federal Litigation [Small Firm]
  • Episode 12: Maritime Injuries (WA): Making Sea Workers Whole [Small Firm]
  • Episode 11: State [Government] Counsel (TN): Health Policy and Medical Professional Prosecutions
  • Episode 10: Personal Injury (LA): Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs [Solo Practice]

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