How To Help

We love the work we do, and love when people help us. There are a number of ways you can contribute to our organization.

We're a 501(c)(3), so your contribution to LST is tax deductible. Here are two convenient ways to donate:

Via a Donation to LST

You can make a contribution from your PayPal account or using any major credit card here.

You can also mail us a check. To do so, please email us.

Your donation is essential to our continued efforts to provide public education about law schools and the legal profession, as well as improving law schools in a variety of ways.

Grants & Corporate Giving

Do you know a foundation or bar association that would be interested in providing a grant to LST? Or does your employer have a corporate giving program? We're in the process of submitting grant applications to a variety of organizations interested in funding programs that:

  • Advance the public understanding of the legal profession
  • Hold law schools accountable for their choices
  • Provide market-based incentives for law schools to reform
  • Remove barriers to more affordable legal education
  • Enhance the chances of greater access to justice
  • Innovate on sustainable nonprofit business models for journalism and new media

The projects we're currently seeking funding for include:

  • LST Radio – a project that provides public education about the legal ecosystem and the roles lawyers play in it.
  • LST Reports – unbind law schools from the grips of the U.S. News rankings and help prospective law students make more informed decisions about whether and where to attend law school

We're also seeking funding for general operation, i.e. funds that support our mission of making entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair.


We need your help! The type and scope of volunteer work we need varies by the time of year and a host of circumstances. Here's a list of the ways you might help. Have other ideas? Let us know!

  • Data Entry: It's not fun, but it is essential. Our quality control process requires multiple sets of eyes on all data we manually enter. This ensures a reliable source of information for users and enhances LST's reputation.
  • Video Tutorials: We want to add video tutorials for how to use LST resources. These videos will explain the ins and outs to users so that they can make informed decisions about whether and where to attend law school.
  • Write Guides: We offer consumer guides that help users understand what they're reading. You can either write one you think would be helpful or ask us for a suggestion. We always have a running list.
  • Advice: Can you think of a unique revenue stream for LST? Do you think we should present data differently? Do you have ideas for new metrics we can include and/or pursue from law schools, the ABA, or others? Institutions thrive on the advice of others. Send us your ideas and we will think carefully about every single one.
  • Hold a Fundraiser: Nonprofit economics are not easy, but you can help us raise money in your community. If you want to hold an event or run a 5k to raise money for LST, it would help us to raise awareness and money for our operations.
  • Open Record Requests: Information wants to be free. While we've had immense success in changing the disclosure norms at law schools, many still have a policy to deny access. This fosters an atmosphere of un-accountability and limits the ability for the public to understand law schools. If you are interested in filing requests for information using state open record laws, let's team up.
  • Podcast Distribution: We're looking for new ways to get our podcast, I Am The Law, to our target audience: high school and college students, current law students, new attorneys, and the people who influence their career trajectories. Let us know if you have access to a mailing list or would like to help us promote the show in another way.
  • Grant Research: Introduce us to grant-making organizations that you have connections to or happen to read about. You can also look through grant databases to find potential matches for our funding priorities.

There really are many ways for you to help us achieve our mission. To get involved, send us an email at

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have a concern about an LST project or program, or you have a suggestion for what we do or how we do it, we take all feedback seriously. We also investigate complaints about law schools and, when appropriate and within the scope of our mission, elevate the complaints to accreditors and/or regulators.

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Spread the Word

The easiest way to help us achieve our mission is to spread the word about the work we do and the services we offer. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Tell prospective law students and their influencers (parents, friends, teachers, etc.) about LST's resources, and how they help the students make better decisions about whether and where to go to law school.
  • Share the data we provide on social media
  • Invute us to speak at an event