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Your List Basics

Whether you're just getting started or ready to apply or decide, thinking like a lawyer about where to apply will lead to more informed decisions about where to attend law school and how much to pay.

With your list you can:
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  • Track applications
  • Track scholarship offers
  • Create budgets
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A good list will evolve as you gather more information

Consider geography

2 in 3 graduates work in the state they attend law school. Pay close attention to schools in-state or that otherwise have an empirical relationship to where you want to work.

Consider law school selectivity

The primary factors in law school admission are LSAT/GRE score, undergrad GPA, and diversity.

Consider career path

Get an idea of the kinds of jobs law school graduates get, how and when they find them, what they pay, and which schools have better access to different jobs.

Let us help you build your list of law schools

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Once you've been admitted to one or more schools, you'll need to consider what each school will cost and how that impacts your life after law school. Once you've taken stock of the financial implications, you'll be ready to revisit many of the tools you used to build your initial list and balance competing information and values to make your decision about where to attend.