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These jobs are not impossible to get, but they're incredibly competitive and require some luck and immense effort. Dream jobs should inspire you, but a backup plan is still a good idea.

Episode #61
Sep 25, 2023

Elevating Businesses to New Highs: Corporate Cannabis Practice

Mia Getlin, a 2014 graduate of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, specializes the state-legal cannabis industry in Oregon and Washington. She shares insights into the challenges and complexities of navigating the highly-regulated cannabis sector, emphasizing the importance of trust-building with clients coming from diverse backgrounds, including those transitioning from the illicit market. Mia highlights the role of advocacy in shaping industry regulations, issue spotting for compliance, and maintaining a supportive, problem-solving approach as a transactional attorney focused on finding solutions for her clients' needs. Throughout the conversation, she provides valuable perspectives on the legal intricacies and evolving dynamics of the cannabis business, from licensing to corporate structuring, offering a unique window into her role as a dedicated advocate for her clients in this rapidly changing field.
Episode #57
Aug 28, 2023

Death and Taxes: Estate Planning for High-Net-Worth Clients

Linsey Gleason, a 2008 graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, talks about her estate planning practice at a large firm in Michigan. Her role involves helping clients determine their beneficiaries, trustees, and how to distribute their assets after death. She navigates emotionally complex conversations about end-of-life wishes and legacy planning. Her work often extends beyond just legal matters, as she guides clients through the practical and emotional dimensions of estate planning. The conversation also delves into networking and client acquisition strategy.
Episode #56
Aug 21, 2023

Immigration Battles: Human Trafficking Beyond Borders

Angela Alvarado, a career-changer and recent graduate of St. Mary's School of Law, discusses her role as an immigration lawyer with a legal aid organization in south Texas. She sheds light on the complexities and challenges faced by victims of human trafficking, the importance of empathy, and how she helps clients navigate the immigration system. Angela discusses the intake process and goes into detail about T visas.
Episode #55
Jun 5, 2023

Inside the Burrito with a Seasoned Franchise Attorney

Ryan Evans, a graduate of Boston University School of Law, discusses his work as an in-house franchise and general business lawyer for Qdoba. He discusses his experience on both sides of the franchise relationship. He worked first as a lawyer for a company that franchises several different concepts (a franchisee) and then as a lawyer for a company that sells access to its systems (a franchisor). His work involves many different elements, from HR and commercial leases to negotiations and document preparation.
Episode #47
Jul 20, 2020

Sports & Entertainment Law: Making a Solo Firm Work Against the Odds

Jeremy Evans, a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, managed to outlast hundreds who started law school hoping to do sports and entertainment law. He talks about the struggle to start his own firm and why he thinks he was among the last standing.
Episode #44
Apr 29, 2019

International Human Rights Lawyer at the United Nations

Matt Hoisington, a graduate of Boston College Law School, explains his path to and through the United Nations. He talks about how he managed to obtain one of the most sought-after jobs in the law as an international human rights lawyer. He discusses his time doing law and policy at UN headquarters in New York City, and time abroad in Abyei and Darfur, Sudan.
Episode #21
Jul 19, 2015

Video Game Law: Starting a Solo Practice with Niche Clients

Ryan Morrison, a 2013 graduate of New York Law School, created a firm centered on helping video game developers. His work greatly varies depending on what his clients need, but often involves intellectual property and contracts. In this episode, Ryan shares his biggest challenges and how he built a rare practice from a pro bono matter.