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Washington, D.C.

Episode #48
Jul 27, 2020

In-House Counsel at a Software Company

Zoe Sharp, a graduate of Stanford Law School, works at Optoro, a software company that keeps her busy in many areas of law. She talks about how she plans for the worst, which has been especially helpful during a pandemic and after a tornado destroyed one of the company's warehouses.
Episode #42
Apr 15, 2019

IRS Tax Lawyer: From Tax Strategist to the Government

Deepan Patel, a graduate of Florida State University College of Law, explains his role at the IRS. While the IRS has many types of lawyers, he focuses on business taxpayer guidance, which ensures certainty for businesses making major decisions. He describes how he got into tax, where his career might go, and trade-offs between government and private practice.
Episode #20
Jul 13, 2015

Emerging Law Around LGBTQA+ Issues

Meaghan Hearne, a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, is involved in a variety of general practice areas, from civil litigation and criminal defense to divorces and child custody. However, much of her work revolves around LGBTQA+ clients and issues. Before the Supreme Court’s decision to extend the right to marry to same-sex couples, Meaghan protected same-sex couples who wanted the protections marriage afforded.