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New Jersey

Episode #62
Oct 2, 2023

Early Career Clarity: From Immigration to Financial Litigation

Nathania Reyes, a 2017 graduate of Rutgers University School of Law, litigates commercial disputes on behalf of financial services organizations like banks. Nathania recounts her journey from uncertain law student to finding her place in civil litigation. She describes her diverse experiences, including immigration and in-house internships, a judicial clerkship, and her transition to private practice. She emphasizes the importance of work-life balance at her current firm, how the Hispanic Bar Association has shaped her career to date, and how she's expanding her expertise in various commercial litigation areas. Nathania touches on networking and business development, highlighting the value of persistence in the face of rejection.
Episode #40
May 23, 2016

Federal Criminal Defense: Representing Indigent Clients

Candace Hom, a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, explains her role in the criminal justice system. She also talks about how she builds trust with her clients, the various legal roles within the federal public defender office, and the challenges of dealing with prosecutors—even the good ones.