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Personal Injury

Episode #46
May 13, 2019

In-House Counsel at the City of Detroit

Choi Portis, a graduate of Thomas Cooley Law School, is a lawyer for the water and sewerage department in Detroit. She handles litigation for the department, develops policies and procedures, and reviews contracts—so one day is rarely the same as the next.
Episode #41
Jun 6, 2016

Plaintiff's Personal Injury: A Radically Changed Business

Dan Minc, a graduate of Seton Hall School of Law, discusses how he managed to rise to his firm's managing partner after starting there as a first-year lawyer. He also talks about how he builds his book of business and what he assesses when determining whether to take a client. After all, as a personal injury lawyer he's only paid if his client wins.
Episode #32
Feb 7, 2016

Helping Injured Workers Fight Insurance Companies

Royce Bicklein, a graduate of St. Mary University's School of Law, discusses his firm's practice and what's involved in proving where an injury occurred and what's to blame for the extent of an injury. Unlike almost every other state, Texas employers choose to opt in to the workers' compensation process. As such, Royce's firm handles workers' compensation and traditional personal injury.
Episode #22
Jul 27, 2015

Leaving the Law: What Drove One Lawyer to a High School Classroom

Jaye Lindsay, a graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Law, decided after 3.5 years that he’d had enough. His first job out of law school wasn't glamorous, but the steady pay and hands-on litigation experience made up for a lack of health insurance and low hourly wages. But over time, he wanted a better standard of living and work-life balance. After going solo and finding it impossible to manage his average-size debt load, he decided to become a high school special education teacher and practice law on the side. This episode also offers a window into the economics of small law firms, the trade-offs that clients face when they cannot afford a lawyer, and how people juggle and evaluate life priorities.
Episode #12
Mar 23, 2015

Making Injured Sea Workers Whole

Marissa Olsson, a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, is a maritime lawyer who helps fishermen, ferry workers, and others injured on the job sue their employers. when they've been injured at work. Marissa's maritime practice is similar to other personal injury work: she must assess the value of potential cases to decide whether to invest her time and resources because her compensation is tied to recovery. Although her confidence and skills have grown noticeably, she often faces opposing counsel who treat her differently because she's a woman. Marissa uses her frustrations as motivation to maximize client recovery and to make positive changes in the legal profession.
Episode #10
Mar 9, 2015

Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs

Greg Aycock, a graduate of Washington University School of Law, shares how he transitioned from representing defendants to representing plaintiffs. He left his insurance defense practice on a leap of faith and discusses the struggles of being your own boss and getting a firm off the ground. Until Greg gets his medical malpractice practice off the ground, he pays the rent with divorces and child custody work. For either practice, Greg spends considerable time explaining the legal process and law to clients, while keeping them under control so that he can present their best case possible.
Episode #2
Jan 21, 2015

The Insurance Maze, Tough Clients, and Prevalent Sexism in Personal Injury Practice

Tricia Dennis, a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Law, has been a personal injury lawyer for almost 30 years. From dealing with sexist opponents to corralling tough clients, Tricia reveals several challenges she's faced in her career. She walks us through a plaintiff lawyer’s perspective on client intake, negotiations, and settlement. By the end of this episode, listeners understand that, more than anything, Tricia is a small business owner who helps her clients navigate an insurance maze.