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Welcome to the new Law School Transparency, we've combined LST Reports, PreLaw Platform, and LST Radio into our new platform! Sign in with your existing account or Read more about our new platform

This process requires that you have an account or sign in.

Only complete this step if you are adding a new organization to our platform. If your organization already is in our system, have the organization admin add you as an advisor in the advisor dashboard.

After you click "Save Group" below, you will be able to enter your credit card information. We will charge you immediately for your monthly (or annual) subscription and keep your card securely on file with our credit card processor Stripe for further subscription service. Additionally, this card will be used if you choose to add students (group members) to your organization. You will be charged for student fees on the 1st of each month based on students who accept your invitation. You may update the card or cancel your subscription at any time.

Pricing Information

There are two components to our pricing: an access fee and student fees. Each private advisor in our system, which we define as anyone who does not work for and on behalf of a college or university, pays a monthly (or annual) fee to access the platform. This provides access to our entire suite of advising tools.

Advisors pay the student fees, not the students, although each organization may pass through any costs.

Access Fee Schedule (Subscription)

Billed monthly or annually for each active advisor affiliated with your organization.

AdvisorMonthly FeeAnnual Fee
1st Advisor$35$349
Additional Advisors$20 each$199 each

Student Fee Schedule

Once per month, we bill your organization for each student added in the previous month. It is a one-time fee for each student. Students never lose access to the site, even if you stop your advisor subscription.

Number of StudentsOne-Time Fee Per Student
First 10$35.00 each
Next 40$30.00 each
Next 50$25.00 each
Additional$20.00 each