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Course Syllabus

This course provides an overview of several key chapters of the Legal Career Compass reports. The Legal Career Compass will help you think through your career path, grow as a person, and excel in school, internships, and jobs.

Module: Introduction

Length: 1:42

An overview of the Legal Career Compass and its underlying assessment, the Attorney Assessment.

Module: Legal Trait Analysis

Length: 2:54

We explain 22 traits that were identified through extensive academic research and focus groups with attorneys, law firms, and other legal employers. These traits are critical to success in the business and practice of law.

Module: Practice Area and Work Setting Analysis

Length: 5:00

We explain the practice area and work setting chapters, which include satisfaction scores to help guide students and graduates to practice areas and work settings that suit their personality.

Module: Visual Type

Length: 2:50

We explain a visual model of Carl Jung's Psychological Types showing how you use all eight behaviors and which two are dominant for you.

Sterling Bates

Sterling is CEO of Step Research, a public-benefit corporation specializing in personality assessments. Sterling's combination of technology, mathematics, business, marketing, organizational development, and psychological types provides the ideal background for founding a psychology software company.

He was previously at Disney for more than 13 years in IT and Marketing. He has worked with professional sports teams, law firms, and everything in between.