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Plenty of personality assessments can tell you about your attributes, but what about the attributes that are relevant to legal career satisfaction?

The Legal Career Compass measures 22 traits that were identified through extensive academic research and focus groups with attorneys, law firms, and other legal employers. These traits are critical to success in the business and practice of law. We'll compare your results to a proprietary database of thousands of practicing attorneys and help you understand your fit for law.

The assessment will take you about 30 minutes to complete and provide you personalized insight that can help you:

Law Fit Report

Helps you decide whether to go to law school, where to apply and attend, and what law careers fit your personality and strengths

Link to Demo Law Fit Report

Career Advancement Report

Helps you understand how your personality and strengths and weaknesses impact your career and professional relationships

Link to Demo Career Advancement Report

Advising Me Insights Report

Provide this report to an advisor, mentor, professor, or anyone else who you rely on in your personal or professional life.

Link to Demo Advising Me Insights Report


These reports are directed at particular developmental goals you have for yourself.

  • Toolkit: Becoming a Better Leader
  • Toolkit: Building Strong Professional Relationships
  • Toolkit: How You See the World
  • Toolkit: Improving Communication with Me
  • Toolkit: Improving My Learning and Grades
  • Toolkit: Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Toolkit: Solving a Personal Problem
  • Toolkit: Solving a Work Problem
  • Toolkit: Strengthening Personal Relationships