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Find the best
law school for you

Make strategic choices about where to apply and attend law school using the most comprehensive source of law school data.

Search law schools and apply with confidence

Browse ~200 law schools and save your top picks based on where you want to work, your test scores, budget, and other preferences.

Learn about yourself and your fit for law

Which career paths best fit your strengths and weaknesses? How does your personality affect your career? How can you improve your readiness for law today?

Understand the state of legal education

Dive into comprehensive data about law school costs, enrollment, job outcomes, and other trends to help you understand the current state of legal education.

What your peers have to say

What an enormously helpful tool for sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant when learning where to apply and navigating the process, especially for someone who had no close friends or family members that applied to law school in the last 20 years.

photo of Claire F.

Claire F.

Prelaw student

This has taken a major amount of guesswork out of the admission process for me by stripping away the fluff and getting a better feel for the pros and cons of each law school.

photo of Ashlee S.

Ashlee S.

Prelaw student

Law School Transparency has been vital for me in weighing my law school options. I trust their employment statistics, and I'll use them to choose the law school that is the very best financial and professional decision for me.

photo of Anthony M.

Anthony M.

Prelaw student