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How can Law School Transparency help me?

Apply and decide with confidence

Take advantage of top experts on applying to law school, choosing a school, and charting your career path—whether you're new to the process or further in.

  • Learn about the law and you
  • Connect with your school's prelaw advisor
  • Build your list of schools
  • Find the best law school for you

Law school statistics and reports

We provide the most comprehensive source of law school data available, organized to help students find the best law schools for them.

Dive into national, regional, and school-specific reports on jobs, salaries, admissions, the bar exam, costs, diversity, and more.

Advise prelaw students

Help your students make tactical decisions by staying up to date on your rapidly developing field.

  • Track student applications, essays, scholarships, demographics, and more
  • Stay up to date on advising, legal education, and the legal profession

What your peers have to say

LST has been vital for me in terms of weighing my law school options. I trust the employment statistics provided by LST, and I feel confident that, with these statistics on hand, I will choose the law school that is the very best financial and professional decision for me.

Anthony M.
PreLaw Student

LST is absolutely critical to my job as a pre-law advisor. I believe that making my students literate about the legal job market is among my most important duties. LST is my most-used and most-important tool in doing so. I only wish it had been around when I was going to law school.

Elizabeth C.
PreLaw Advisor

I came to begin the process with very little information and no close friends or family members that had applied to law school in the past 20 years. LST has been enormously helpful as a tool to sort out the relevant from the irrelevant when learning where to apply and how to navigate the process.

Claire F.
PreLaw Student

I heavily relied on LST in deciding where to go to law school and how much to spend. I cannot believe that just a few years ago students relied on U.S. News and simple lists. Those were dark days.

Abhijit N.
PreLaw Student

LST greatly impacted my decisions on where to apply to law school. The site breaks down data in a helpful and easy to understand manner. Because I know what potential outcomes will be after I graduate from the school, I feel much more prepared. I've directed my family and significant other to LST when they wanted to learn more about law school admissions and outcomes.

Meredith S.
PreLaw Student

LST has taken a major amount of guesswork out of the admissions process and allowed me (and many others) to strip away the fluff and shining lights and get a better feel for the pros and cons to each law school.

Ashlee S.
PreLaw Student