Chicago Class of 2009 Uncertified List

Thanks to our tipster for sending this uncertified list to us. It includes the city, state, and employer name for each employed graduate. The original includes each graduate’s name, but we opted to redact each name for the sake of individual privacy.

4/28/2010 Update: The University of Chicago Law School published this list in their Fall 2009 Alumni magazine. This was not the first time Chicago released this data to certain stakeholders. According to Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at The University of Chicago Law School, “for at least forty years [Chicago has] provided an annual list of our graduates and their employers – first in our student facebook (lists in the facebook dating back at least to 1970-71 are available in our library), and more recently in our alumni magazine.” Thank you Dean Nagorsky for contacting us.

5/3/2010 Update: We are not sure which frozen date this list reflects. Because this list was published in the Fall 2009 Alumni Magazine, it represents some point in time between graduation (May 2009) and the ABA, U.S. News, and NALP reporting date (February 15th, 2010).