Vanderbilt Class of 2009 Uncertified List

This uncertified list includes – as of graduation – the city, state, and employer name for each employed 2009 Vanderbilt graduate, as well as a mention for each graduate pursuing another graduate degree. The original list appeared in Vanderbilt’s 2009 Career Services brochure. We transcribed the whole list into the attached spreadsheet.

If any readers are aware of lists that similarly disaggregate employment summaries that account for all or nearly all graduates, we are happy to publish them when you provide them. As always, we strive to make this important employment data available to everybody, even when it does not meet our standard. Per our privacy policy we will not reveal your identity.

4 thoughts on “Vanderbilt Class of 2009 Uncertified List”

  1. This list looks like Vanderbilt graduates have done well in placement, so where are the Waffle House cooks? Is this a bit of chicken little on your part?

  2. If Vandy’s career services department is still furnishing students with this list, then they are giving out false information. There is no c/o 2009 Vandy graduate working in the Washington, D.C. offices of Winston & Strawn. This is the first name on the list that I checked and I suspect that there are more names which will not appear on firm websites.

    Is career services lying to you, or is this just a mistake of some kind?

  3. @#2: Winston & Strawn deferred all 2009 associates to fall of 2010. That person isn’t on the website because–while employed by the firm–they’re not working at the firm yet.

  4. @1 We have never said that Vanderbilt graduates went on to work as Waffle House cooks, nor implied anything remotely similar. That line, both in the paper and in our interviews, illustrates how the employment categories are unreasonable. For both the ABA and U.S. News reporting standards, individuals employed as cooks count the same as individuals employed as in-house counsel.

    @2 As @3 pointed out with more authority than I can, the particular associate you referred to is deferred. This list is “employed at graduation,” so this sort of consequence is not only expected, but intended. In my experience, this is unintuitive to some people, so we plan to write an explanation about why we adopt the same policy as NALP and Vanderbilt for deferred associates. In the meantime, it’s important to point out that any list will necessarily be a frozen point in time chosen with full knowledge that a standardized list cannot account for every graduate’s personal narrative.

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