2010 LST Standard Guidelines

As promised in our initial request and more recently, we have finalized the 2010 Guidelines.

The Guidelines explain how to comply with the LST Standard for the Class of 2010. Thanks to the advice of career services staff at multiple law schools, we have expanded the types of post-graduation degrees that qualify from advanced to all degree programs. We have also added an opt-out exemption that addresses privacy concerns for individual graduates who do not want to have their employment data included on the Lists you report to LST.

We expect to soon hear from American University, Washington College of Law. Back in September, they told LST:

In response to your request below, American University Washington College of Law continues to take this matter under advisement and will not commit to providing the requested information about our recent graduates until receiving and reviewing the finalized guidelines in November.

Tomorrow, Law School Transparency will make its second request of law schools to comply with the 2010 LST Standard.

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