ABA Journal Podcast on Transparency

Anna Stolley Persky from the ABA Journal leads the discussion entitled, “Are Scambloggers Right About Law School?” The panel features Loyola University Chicago School of Law Dean David Yellen (chair of the ABA Standard 509 Subcommittee), Shilling Me Softly‘s Kimber A. Russell, and LST’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Kyle McEntee. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Peruse the Internet these days and you can’t help coming across web sites from disgruntled law students and new lawyers. From sites like First Tier Toilet and Third Tier Reality, bloggers are complaining angrily about the weak job market. Some go so far as to call law school a scam. At the same time members of the legal community—from the American Bar Association to law school deans to current students—are investigating the issues and working to make some changes.

We will post a short summary soon.

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One thought on “ABA Journal Podcast on Transparency”

  1. The podcast was superb. Dean Yellin should be commended for his candor.

    Now, Dean Robert Ackerman of Wayne State Law School addresses the question with even more remarkable and refreshing candor. Dean Ackerman puts it right out there: Says the Dean: “The problem is not that law school deans lie about employment data; the problem is that law schools have gone to great lengths to adapt to the criteria of U.S. News & World Report, a publication that has become the de facto arbiter of academic quality”. http://www.nationaljurist.com/content/critical-issues/law-school-worth-it-dean-looks-behind-numbers

    Is law school a losing game or is it a rigged game? And if it is rigged, should anyone be held accountable? http://kowalskiandassociatesblog.com/2011/01/12/the-new-york-times-asks-is-law-school-a-losing-game-who-should-bear-the-cost-if-indeed-law-school-is-a-losing-game/

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