Standard 509 Subcommittee Posts Proposal

The ABA Section of Legal Education’s Standards Review Committee subcommittee, the Standard 509 Subcommittee, has released its revised standard regarding employment data.

The Subcommittee has this to say in the proposal:

Attached is a proposed new Standard 509(b) regarding employment data, and a chart we propose that each law school be required to fill out and post on its website on an annual basis. This new Standard will, if adopted, provide more meaningful and consistent employment information to prospective students. We believe that this information will greatly assist prospective students in making informed decisions about whether to go to law school or which school to attend. Because almost all of the information to be disclosed is already gathered by law schools, the burden on schools will be minimal.

We will soon provide a series of detailed posts analyzing this proposal according to criteria we set forth in a written statement to the Questionnaire Committee back in December.