ABA head has little sympathy for jobless lawyers

Transcript from William Robinson’s August 2011 video on law school transparency:

In America, we have absolutely the best system of legal education anywhere in the world. We also have some of the best students in the world. And we have in this country a wonderful opportunity to practice law in a free democracy.

In the face of current economic realities, the ABA supports making financial and job information complete and transparent for students and the public. We want to assure, in working closely with our deans and dedicated faculty members, that these students get all of the needed information to make informed decisions.

We want them to be comfortable that when they take on debt they understand the terms and the dimensions and the responsibilities that go along with that debt.

2 thoughts on “ABA head has little sympathy for jobless lawyers”

  1. This guy is an idiot! So, if I have this straight, schools should be allowed to operate with impunity when they engage in the exact sort of fraudulent behavior for which the schools, themselves, would admonish and expel students.

    If students duped the admissions committies en masse by falsifying transcripts, resumes and community service (not to mention CFR’s), and the schools admitted those same students, only to learn three years later that the students were unable to secure licenses, Mr. Robinson would have no sympathy for the schools?

    What he neglects to understand is that the continual falsification of law school data has led the students to continue applying to law schools and believing in legal practice as a viable career option. But for this fraudulent behavior by the schools, it is fair to assume that many prospective lawyers would seek other options.

    The law schools are engaging in FRAUD, and some of these admissions committee members/administrators should be marching on the news in orange jumpsuits, just like the Wall Street execs who participated in insider trading, falsified quarterly earnings, or otherwise ripped off investors. The only way this behavior will change is if the FTC and the DOJ give the smackdown to the law schools, the ABA, the LSAC, USNWR (and every other ranking system), and the LSAC.

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