LST Revamps Law School Decision Tool

With law school application deadlines looming, a tough legal job market, and high education costs, prospective students need useful information to make smart choices about whether or where to attend law school.

Today, prospective law students receive essential help with making informed decisions with the launch of Law School Transparency‘s fully customizable Score Reports (

Attending law school is a life-changing decision that deserves fair and clear presentation of relevant information. The Score Reports organize admissions, employment, and cost data to show the big picture and the fine detail. The Score Reports help prospective law students find the schools that can meet their career goals and evaluate the projected time and financial commitment.

We have added the following features:

  • Financial Planning Worksheets. These help students plan their budgets and see how much debt will be owed when the first loan payment is due, as well as how much that payment will be.
  • Custom Scores and Reports. Students can choose what matters most to them. From large firm and public service placement to LSAT and GPA statistics, students can create reports and change them to see how schools stack up. To compare apples to apples, students can also create custom scores based on the types of jobs they value.
  • Compare up to 4 law schools at once on our head-to-head page.
  • Enhanced school reports that provide mountains of admissions, employment, and cost data. Elements include salary information, job trends, enrollment trends, and a projected debt table.
  • Scholarship negotiation help. Because almost all law schools use a high tuition, high discount model, students must negotiate scholarship amounts and scholarship terms (GPA/class rank requirements, escalation with tuition increases).

Note that the LST Score Reports are not rankings. Indeed, we believe national rankings and law schools do not make any sense. Law schools function in local markets; few schools have a national reach. 2 in 3 employed graduates work in the state where their school is located.

Law School Transparency is a Georgia nonprofit legal education policy and watchdog organization. Our mission is to make entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair. We’re best known for advocating for increased employment data transparency. The LST Score Reports are the product of our advocacy successes.