New Board Member: Mike Spivey

We are pleased to announce a new member of LST’s Board of Directors, Mike Spivey. Mike is a partner at the Spivey Consulting Group, a firm that helps prospective students navigate law school admissions, helps law students find meaningful employment opportunities, and consults for law schools on admissions, career services, and marketing operations. Previously, he worked as an administrator at Vanderbilt Law, Washington University School of Law, and Colorado Law. Mike also taught Business Ethics at the University of Alabama and was a Blackburn Fellow for Leadership in Ethics for the State of Alabama.

Mike has been a long time supporter of LST’s mission, even before LST incorporated. While associate director of admissions at Vanderbilt, Mike and LST co-founder Patrick Lynch discussed rampant, false information about Vanderbilt’s job outcomes that had spread across a popular prospective student message board. In March 2008, Vanderbilt’s admissions office and career services office jointly provided prospective students a list of where all graduates from the class of 2007 worked. The list was the impetus for Patrick and LST’s other co-founder, Kyle McEntee, to ask why other law schools were not so open and honest.

Mike is known throughout legal education as a champion of informed decision-making and progress. Mike worked alongside Dean Kent Syverud at Vanderbilt and Washington University in St. Louis to add a personal touch to attracting students and to convincing employers that those students would add real value to the legal sector. He also worked closely with Dean Phil Weiser at Colorado Law School to support students across a variety of initiatives. Along the same lines, Mike has was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education for going the extra mile in getting to know applicants through the admissions process. Today, he continues that approach through his consulting practice and, now, as key member of the LST team.