LST’s New Information Source for Law Students and Attorneys

Law School Transparency (LST), the widely recognized advocacy organization improving the legal profession through public education about law schools, officially announced its new podcast, “I Am The Law,” a show about the role legal professionals play in the legal ecosystem.

“I Am The Law” features interviews with attorneys in various fields. Each episode details one practitioner’s day-to-day tasks as well the unique challenges associated with his or her specialization. The show interviews traditional lawyers, such as public defenders and corporate litigators, as well as non-traditional lawyers.

Through “I Am The Law,” LST offers a completely new information source for prospective law students, current law students, and practicing attorneys. Many enter the legal profession without an adequate understanding of the daily practice of law. “I Am The Law” serves to eliminate that information void. Rather than relying on Law & Order or The Good Wife to learn about the legal profession, the audience will learn from revealing interviews that go well beyond conventional generalities.

Listeners can find “I Am The Law” on iTunes, Stitcher, and many podcasting apps. Listeners can also find episodes on Four full-length episodes are available now, and a new episode will be released every Monday.

In concert with the LST Score Reports, a consumer’s guide to deciding whether and where to attend law school that serves tens of thousands of prospective law students every year, “I Am The Law” will help students to pursue careers based on facts rather than fictions.

• • •

Law School Transparency’s mission is to make entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair. For more information or an interview, contact Kyle McEntee.