Duke Class of 2007 Uncertified List

On March 20th, 2008, Duke released an employment list for their Class of 2007 graduates at the admitted student Open House. Shortly after, an admitted student created a spreadsheet like the one created by the Vanderbilt admitted student. Although we have obtained the spreadsheet, we have thus far failed to track down the original document given to the admitted students at the Open House. The original spreadsheet is attached to this post. We also plan to improve the document in the near future.

Update: On July 28th, 2009, LST emailed Associate Dean and Director of Duke’s Career & Professional Development Center, Bruce Elvin, to obtain a copy of the original document. We will report back when he responds.

Vanderbilt Class of 2007 Uncertified List

On March 14th, 2008, at Admitted Students Day, Vanderbilt’s admissions office released an uncertified list of where, and with whom, 196 of the 223 graduates were employed. Shortly after, one of the admitted students compiled this information in a spreadsheet. Both of these documents are attached to this post.

To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive employment list publicly released. It’s LST’s hope that this was the first step in a new direction.

Update 5/3/2010: We have learned that other schools have released employment lists like this in the past. According to David Lat from Above the Law, “at Yale Law School — back in 1996, so almost 15 years ago — we were given detailed lists showing where the past few classes ended up working. The graduates were listed in alphabetical order, and below each person’s name was the name and address of their employer.” According to Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at The University of Chicago Law School, “for at least forty years [Chicago has] provided an annual list of our graduates and their employers – first in our student facebook (lists in the facebook dating back at least to 1970-71 are available in our library), and more recently in our alumni magazine.”

We do wish to emphasize that while releasing employment information to current students and alumni is admirable, it does not constitute “publishing” in a manner consistent with our standard. Our stated goal is to make this employment information available to the public (and particularly to prospective law students). As it turns out, it is still the case that the Vanderbilt uncertified list, “to our knowledge . . . is the most comprehensive employment list publicly released” because it was available to prospective law students. If you know otherwise, please contact us.