Shocked about Kaplan’s Survey Results? New Information Comes to Light

Many articles have covered Kaplan Test Prep’s recent press release, in which Kaplan declared that “[i]n deciding where to apply, pre-law students consider a law school’s place in the rankings more important than affordability, geographic location, its academic program – and even more important than its job placement statistics.” The same release also reemphasized the results of an earlier survey, which showed more than half of all prospective law students are ‘very confident’ they will get a legal job after graduation, while only 16% were ‘very confident’ about their peers.

Based in part on these two statements, people are questioning whether prospective law students actually deserve better information about job prospects, and whether disclosing more information would even impact their decision-making process. In other words, if prospectives really don’t care about job prospects, why should we care about law school transparency?

The survey results seemed odd to us, so we decided to dig a little deeper by contacting Kaplan Test Prep and taking a closer look at the survey. Kaplan was kind enough to not only answer our questions promptly, but to also send the full survey and results.

After reading the survey, digesting the results, and learning more about Kaplan Test Prep, it turns out that the press release and ensuing coverage did not tell the whole story. Instead, the results reflect an application landscape where important information is scarce and application decisions are complex. LST has been arguing these two things for months now; many others have been doing so for years.

You can check out the survey’s full results and our comments after the jump.

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