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This page is archived, on February 22, 2022, LST joined forces with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
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Journal of Legal Education (2021)

Gender Equity in Law School Enrollment: An Elusive Goal.

Florida International Law Review (2019)

More Transparency, Please.

Nebraska Law Review (2013)

The Evaporating Trust in American Legal Education.

Michigan Journal of Law Reform (2012)

The Crisis in Legal Education: Dabbling in Disaster Planning.

Journal of Legal Metrics (2012)

Take This Job and Count It.

Pace Law Review (2010)

A Way Forward: Transparency at American Law Schools. The original version was published in April 2010 on SSRN. An updated version was published in 2012 by Pace Law Review.

Law School Transparency Investigations

LST's 2025 Vision: A Blueprint for Modern Change.

A Way Forward: Transparency in 2018.

2015 State of Legal Education.

2013 LST Transparency Index of Law School Disclosure.

2012 LST Transparency Index of Law School Disclosure.

Regulatory Comments


I Am The Law features lawyers from around the country discussing their jobs so that students can better understand what the practice of law is really like. The show launched in January 2015 and is one of the largest and best-regarded podcasts covering the legal profession.

Women In The Law is a mini-series released in Fall 2016 about the challenges women continue to face in the legal profession. It was distributed through traditional podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Stitcher, as well as various media outlets, including Bloomberg Big Law Business, Above the Law, Lawyerist, and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Columns & Editorials

Above the Law (April 2021)

Chaos Reigns: Notre Dame Law School Tells Non-Wealthy Students 'Thanks, But No Thanks'

Above the Law (March 2021)

The Law School Rankings Rat Race Has New Cheese

Above the Law (July 2020)

Scholarship Or Loan In Disguise? Law School Policy Has Experts Asking Questions

Above the Law (August 2019)

The Future of the Bar Exam

Above the Law (October 2017)

Young Lawyers Deserve Seats At The Law School Accreditation Table

National Law Journal (October 2017)

On Richard Susskind's Ideas on the Profession's Future

Inside Higher Ed (August 2017)

Legal education experts consider fallout from increased interest among law schools in using a test other than the LSAT.

Above the Law (August 2017)

ABA Takes Giant Step Backwards On Transparency

National Law Journal (July 2017)

The Applicant Plunge is not a PR Problem

Above the Law (March 2017)

Low-Cost Bar Prep Materials? Unbundling to Drive Down Costs

Above the Law (January 2017)

Law School Deans Ask for Extension on Exploitation

Above the Law (January 2017)

Charlotte School Of Law Should Be More Transparent, Immediately

Above the Law (December 2016)

A Playbook for Combating Implicit Bias

Bloomberg Big Law Business (December 2016)

Will This Law School Close After Feds Cut Funding?

Bloomberg Big Law Business (November 2016)

The Gender Bias in Law School Admissions

Bloomberg Big Law Business (August 2016)

Transcript Reveals Debate Over ABA's Accrediting Power

Bloomberg Big Law Business (July 2016)

Banking on a $180k Entry Salary? Check This Out

Bloomberg Big Law Business (July 2016)

Massachusetts Adopts New Bar Exam

Above the Law (June 2016)

Law Books For The Price Of Printing?

Above the Law (June 2016)

Did Firms Raise Salaries High Enough?

Above the Law (June 2016)

Caveat Venditor: Throwback To The Days Of Junk Employment Statistics

Above the Law (May 2016)

Caveat Venditor: Empty Threats From Notorious For-Profit Law Schools

Above the Law (May 2016)

New Student Loan Rates For Law Students

Above the Law (May 2016)

How Law School Job Rates Changed This Year

Bloomberg Big Law Business (May 2016)

Law Grads Still Face a Tough Job Market

Above the Law (March 2016)

The Fall Of Systemic Deception At Law Schools

National Law Journal (March 2016)

Trial Over Law School's Job Statistics Symbolizes an Industry Gone Wrong

Above the Law (March 2016)

The U.S. News Rankings Are Horrible. Stop Paying Attention.

Above the Law (March 2016)

ABA Poised To Tighten Accreditation

Above the Law (February 2016)

Attrition May Jeopardize Accreditation Status Of Dozens Of Law Schools

Bloomberg (February 2016)

What President Obama's 2017 Budget Tell Us About Law Schools

Above the Law (February 2016)

The ABA's New Bar Pass Rate Standards

Above the Law (February 2016)

Washington D.C. Adopts Uniform Bar Exam

Above the Law (February 2016)

ABA House To Vote On Uniform Bar Exam

Bloomberg (January 2016)

Here's How The Law School Crisis Is Affecting Harvard

Above the Law (January 2016)

How Student Loan Refinancing Could Undo Federal Loan Policy

Above the Law (January 2016)

Law Schools More Transparent Than Ever

Bloomberg (January 2016)

Why Ranking Law Schools Nationally Is Nonsensical

Above the Law (January 2016)

How To Fix The U.S. News Law School Rankings

Above the Law (January 2016)

What Do Lawyers Actually Do?

Bloomberg (December 2015)

The So-Called Life of a Big Law Associate

Above the Law (December 2015)

Law School Enrollment Falls Again

Above the Law (December 2015)

The ABA Takes First Step To Tighten Bar Pass Standards

The Faculty Lounge (December 2015)

LST Responds to LSAC Press Release

Above the Law (December 2015)

What Will The ABA Do To Restore Trust In Law Schools?

Above the Law (November 2015)

The ABA Must Enforce Its Non-Exploitation Standard

Above the Law (November 2015)

The ABA Must Enforce Its Non-Exploitation Standard

Harvard Law Record (November 2015)

Are Lawyers Getting Dumber? The Question May Matter More Than The Answer (Reprint)

Above the Law (November 2015)

One Law School's Change In Fortune

Above the Law (November 2015)

Price Discrimination Will Ultimately Bite Schools

Above the Law (November 2015)

Are Lawyers Getting Dumber? The Question May Matter More Than The Answer

Above the Law (November 2015)

Bar Exam Failure Rates: The Worst Is Yet to Come (April 2015)

Note to Law Schools: Show Your Work on JD Advantage Jobs

Above the Law (April 2015)

Deceptive Statistics 101, Courtesy Of A Law Professor And The New York Times and Daily Report (GA) (March 2015)

Five Failures of the U.S. News Rankings

Harvard Law Record (January 2015)

What Harvard Law Students Need to Know About Law School Transparency (April 2014)

How Deans Should Game the Above the Law Rankings (April 2014)

Transparency Review in Advance of New Law School Jobs Data (March 2014)

Five Failures of the U.S. News Rankings

U.S. News & World Report (September 2013)

Should Law School Be Reduced to Two Years?

National Jurist (August 2013)

Deliberations for a prospective law student

ABA Journal (May 2013)

What's driving change in legal education and why you should care

Huffington Post (March 2013)

When Solutions Only Look Like Solutions

Huffington Post (December 2012)

The Problem With Law School

National Law Journal (July 2012)

ABA standards stand in the way of law school reform

The Careerist (December 2011)

The Cooley Strategy Exposed

National Law Journal (November 2011)

A Law School Fantasy: Slashing Costs and Improving Preparedness

National Law Journal (October 2011)

Reimagining Legal Education

New York Post (October 2011)

Do law schools defraud students?

National Law Journal (September 2011)

ABA should make law schools provide better job statistics now

Beyond Hearsay (February 2011)

Helping Future Generations of Lawyers


New Study on Economic Value of a Law Degree, July 19, 2013)

Proposed Employment Data Change, June 05, 2013)

The Federal Gov't's Massive, Declining Investment in Legal Education, May 22, 2013)

LST Calls for Dean's Resignation and ABA Investigation, May 20, 2012)

Rankings Pressure as a Motivating Force for Fraud, November 11, 2011)

Class Actions as a Tool of Social Change, October 10, 2011)

Revisiting the ABA Section of Legal Education as a Captured Agency, August 02, 2011)

SBA President Coalition Endorses Ideas Behind New Bill, May 18, 2011)

Proposing a New Standard to Require Scholarship Retention Data, April 30, 2011)

NYLS's Deceptive Practices, April 29, 2011)

LST's Proposal: Job Outcome List and National Salary Database, March 29, 2011)

509 Subcommittee's Draft Proposal: An Explanation and Evaluation, March 27, 2011)

Three Critical Features for the ABA's Collective Solution to Employment Reporting, March 23, 2011)

The Current Employment Information Reported to the ABA, March 22, 2011)

Apathy For Applicants Continues: Ave Maria Backs Out, February 23, 2011)

Is a Stanford Degree Worth It?, February 17, 2011)

ABA's Young Lawyers Division Adopts Transparency Resolution, February 14, 2011)

January ABA Standards Review Committee Meeting, January 07, 2011)

Questionnaire Committee Hearing Recap, December 23, 2010)

U.S. News Expresses Support for Greater Data Transparency, December 21, 2010)

U.S. News to Reform Its Disclosure of Surveyed Employment Data, December 10, 2010)

Shocked about Kaplan's Survey Results? New Info Comes to Light, December 03, 2010)

Why Involve Admissions Offices?, November 18, 2010)

Introduction to ABA's Initiatives on Law School Transparency, November 11, 2010)

A Big Tent: With LST Compliance, Everyone Wins, October 07, 2010)