Reaching the Scambloggers

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Down by Law‘s podcast. Kimber Russell, from Shilling me Softly, invited me to join her and Mark’s discussion about LST. They let me talk for so long that they had to split the discussion into two episodes.

I admit that I was a bit nervous at first about appearing on their program because of their target audience. The “Down by Lawcast” reaches mainly disgruntled law school graduates and those who are a part of the “Advocates for Law School Accountability” coalition. Otherwise known as “Scambloggers,” this coalition has been a boisterous, sometimes vulgar voice in the debate over the value of a J.D.

Kimber wanted to educate her listeners about LST’s mission and activity. We’ve hoped and advocated for more of the Scambloggers to take an additional approach, so this was another good opportunity to explain why we’ve chosen to do what we’ve done. Despite the differences between LST and the Scambloggers, we share the same underlying concern. We all want prospective law students to make informed decisions about attending law school.

Overall I am pleased with the results. Kimber and Mark were, as expected, both bright and engaging. We talked about:

– The ABA’s initiatives on improving law school transparency
– LST’s mission, motivation, and history
– LST’s initial request and the effect of school’s silence on the ABA, Ave Maria raising the ethical bar by agreeing to comply with the LST Standard, responses to the schools’ concerns
– Shortcomings of NALP
– Suggestions for U.S. News employment reporting
– LST’s Data clearinghouse
The LST Standard
– Expectations for the ABA Questionnaire Committee hearing
– LST’s Second Request

Thanks again to both Kimber and Mark. I look forward to appearing on their show again for the Questionnaire Committee hearing post-mortem.

Episode 7 (interview begins at 21:40)

Episode 8 (interview begins at 25:25)

While I’ve provided the starting point for each part of my interview, Kimber and Mark have many funny and insightful moments that make the entire podcast worth your time.

ABA Journal Podcast: How Law Schools Can Help Next Gen Lawyers Take Gamble Out of Hefty Tuition

In this audio program, ABA Journal Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward chats with our guests (Kyle McEntee, Law School Transparency; Donald Polden, dean of Santa Clara Law and chair of the Standards Review Committee of the ABA’s Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar; and David E. Van Zandt, dean of Northwestern University’s law school) about tuition, disclosure and what could and should change about legal education to train the next generation of lawyers without saddling them with crushing debt.

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