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Part-Time Program

Part-Time JD Enrollment in 2020-21: 49
Term: Semester Start: Fall Summer
This school accepts the GRE
14.5% of 1Ls in 2020 were enrolled part time
156 25th Percentile
161 50th Percentile
164 75th Percentile
3.31 25th Percentile
3.64 50th Percentile
3.81 75th Percentile

Part-Time Costs

Part-Time Tuition

Paid Full Price In 2019-20

Discounts For The 84.8%

$12k 25th Percentile
$20k 50th Percentile
$40k 75th Percentile

A 50th percentile discount (scholarship) of $20k means that half of the part-time students with a discount paid at least $20,000 less than the full price of .