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Florida A&M University
Public school
Orlando, FL

Diversity and Attrition Statistics for Florida A&M University

Student diversity

Total enrollment in 2022-23: 362

  • Women comprise 67.1% of total enrollment
  • Students of color comprise 72.9% of total enrollment

Racial diversity

Gender diversity

Total graduates in 2022: 158

Faculty diversity

Total faculty in 2021-22: 55

  • Women comprise 43.6% of all faculty
  • Faculty of color comprise 65.5% of all faculty

Full-time faculty

Racial diversity
Gender diversity

Other faculty

Racial diversity
Gender diversity

1L attrition

After the 2021-22 academic year

10.8% academic dismissal
0.8% dropped out
5.4% transferred out
Non-transfer attrition
11.6% all 1Ls
9.7% white students
12.2% non-white students

After the 2020-21 academic year

11.6% academic dismissal
4.5% dropped out
3.6% transferred out
Non-transfer attrition
16.1% all 1Ls
23.8% white students
14.3% non-white students

These percentages reflect attrition only after the first year (1L). Under the ABA Standards, a law school with non-transfer attrition above 20%, measured over multiple years for an entering cohort, is presumptively out of compliance with the standards. These schools must rebutt the presumption that their admissions and retention policies meet Standard 501, which requires law schools to only enroll students who appear capable of completing school and gaining admission to the bar (which includes passing the bar exam).