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Quinnipiac University
Private school
Hamden, CT
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Quinnipiac University: Tuition, Fees, Grants

paid full price

3.3% of 2022 1L's had their scholarship reduced or eliminated after the first year. 62.6% of 1L's had a conditional scholarship, thus 5.2% of conditional scholarship recipients paid more in subsequent years than expected. More information.

A 50th percentile discount (scholarship) of $18.9k/y means that half of the full-time students with a discount (92.7% of full-time students) paid at least $18.9k less than full-price tuition of $54,880.

Tuition discounts for the 92.7%
25th percentile
50th percentile
75th percentile
Treasury rate
Direct rate
7.05 %
Direct PLUS rate
8.05 %

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