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Legal education is admist great change. Reform Central is an effort to document and influence this change. It centralizes important data, informed analysis, and plausible modes of change to facilitate genuine solutions to the legal education crisis.
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Overview of pressing issues facing legal education.

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Read about what LST is doing to bring about reform.

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Keep track of media coverage, blog posts, and scholarship related to structural changes in legal education.

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Your future starts with smart law school application and enrollment choices. We focus your attention on schools with observable relationships to where you want to work and what you want to do. Our goal? To help you think like a lawyer about the costs and benefits of each school you consider.

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Our research, policy papers, reports, and officers are frequently cited by traditional news organizations like NPR, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, legal news organizations like the National Law Journal and ABA Journal; and widely-read blogs.

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A representative from LST may be available for phone interviews, broadcast interviews, podcasts, consulting, presentations, and other engagements. To reach us, email or use our contact form.

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