National Jurist grades transparency; another school provides LST with its NALP report

In this month’s National Jurist, the magazine’s editors used the data from our Live Transparency Index to grade how transparent each law school website is. While we do not encourage or approve of ranking or grading schools based on the number of criteria met, because some criteria are more important than others, we did provide National Jurist with a spreadsheet of the data to ease their workload. These are the same data that were available on the Live Index as of the end of February 2012. As such, some schools have updated their websites since that time.

In other news, another school provided LST with its class of 2010 NALP report: St. Mary’s University. Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging a letter writing campaign to convince other schools to provide us with their class of 2010 NALP reports. In the meantime, we are busy inputing the data from all NALP