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Tougher Law School Bar-Passage Rule Passes Key Hurdle, Wall Street Journal
Tighter Bar-Pass Rule Adopted by ABA Accrediting Body, National Law Journal
Illinois to consider adopting multistate bar exam, Crain's Chicago Business
More South Dakota law graduates flunk bar, Associated Press
Lawyers, Move to the Country. Cities Have Nothing for You, Greedy Associates

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⋅ Campbell Law School, Raleigh, NC
⋅ Women In The Law Roundtable at Elon Law about Women Lawyers in the Media, Greensboro, NC
Transcript Reveals Debate Over ABA's Accrediting Power, Bloomberg Big Law Business
Banking on a $180k Entry Salary? Check This Out, Bloomberg Big Law Business
Massachusetts Adopts New Bar Exam, Bloomberg Big Law Business

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LST's New Information Source for Law Students and Attorneys
New Board Member: Mike Spivey
New Law School Jobs Data Indicate Flat Entry-Level Legal Market

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