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Public Defender

Episode #58
September 4, 2023

Family Matters: Dollars, Decisions, and Dealing with Divorce

Whitney Lallas, a 2019 graduate of the University of Maine School of Law, is a family law attorney in Maine. She shares her journey into family law, influenced by her interest in psychology and math. The emotional and financial aspects of her work figure prominently into what she likes about her work, as well as what's challenging. She provides insights into handling prenuptial agreements, child-related matters, and dealing with hidden assets. Whitney also explains her eat-what-you-kill compensation structure and emphasizes the significance of maintaining work-life balance.
Episode #43
April 22, 2019

State Public Defender: The Complexities of Criminal Defense

Alisha Backus, a graduate of Barry University School of Law, has an inspiring passion for her work representing people accused of crimes. When she was younger, she experienced the ugly side of our justice system as a victim of domestic violence. While this understandably causes others to choose a different path, it helps her suss out reliable information from not only victims, but her clients as well.
Episode #40
May 23, 2016

Federal Criminal Defense: Representing Indigent Clients

Candace Hom, a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, explains her role in the criminal justice system. She also talks about how she builds trust with her clients, the various legal roles within the federal public defender office, and the challenges of dealing with prosecutors—even the good ones.
Episode #4
January 26, 2015

Representing Alleged Criminals Who Can't Afford a Lawyer

Laurie Landsittel, a graduate of the University of Georgia Law, gives us valuable insight into the day-to-day duties of public defenders. Laurie shares some of her personal experiences, such as her biggest challenges representing defendants who committed serious crimes, as well as the time when she helped a teenage girl get out of jail and back on her feet.