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PreLaw Student Tools

Last updated on August 15, 2022

As an advisor, you can access almost every page that a student can. The one exception is that you cannot join an advising group (even your own), although you may be an advisor for more than one group. You may use the list below to keep track of the tools available to your students, as well as to see what they're like. These tools are fully functional for you.

Smart Application and Enrollment Choices

School Tracker

Students can track the law schools they're interested in, law school application progress, and scholarship negotiation.

Application Component Tracker

Students can log and manage their application components, e.g. essays or transcripts.

Law School Budgets

Students can create a budget for any school on their list. If a student needs to borrow to cover their cost of attendance, it will calculate the debt expected six months after graduation (including accumulated interest).

Law School Reports

The LST Reports is the most comprehensive source of law school data available, organized to help students decide where to apply and attend law school. The LST Wizard can help students narrow and sort schools based on their preferences.

Career Guidance

Legal Career Compass

A psychometric assessment that helps people find a legal career path based on their personality. Students that are a part of a college/university group receive the basic report free unless the school pays to upgrade. Students that are a part of a pipeline program or a private admissions consulting group receive the premium reports. Students who have the basic report or who are not part of any group may also upgrade to the premium reports for a fee.

I Am The Law Podcast

We interview law school graduates about their jobs. Learn about various practice areas and practice settings, recipes for success, and the biggest challenges lawyers face today. The hosts provoke guests to provide thoughtful, revealing answers that go beyond the surface responses students typically receive. You can listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Women in the Law Mini-Series

Over six weeks in late 2016, this podcast mini-series advanced the conversation on the many challenges, both professional and personal, that women continue to face as members of the legal profession. Through first-person narratives, thoughtful conversations, and synthesis of economic and social science research, this show adds to the myriad of work fighting against decades of systemic problems.